Monthly Archive: October 2010

Moving is Easier with a Checklist

When faced with a major move, most people feel overwhelmed. Since change is a major source of stress , it’s no wonder that moving, which is the combination of a whole host of changes all at once, is one of the most stressful events in life. One way to reduce this stress is to make a checklist to organize the process. There are plenty of checklists available online that can be taken in whole or modified to suit individual needs. All will cover certain areas.

Assuming that arrangements have already been made to secure a home in the new location and to dispose of the existing home, this checklist should be about the move itself, and not about property or jobs.… Read the rest

Small Businesses Should Invest in Training

This new century seems to be turning into the age of the small business. More and more people are catching the entrepreneurial spirit and forging out on their own, or in small partnerships, to follow dreams of new services, products, and even ground-breaking business models. The internet is fueling much of this spirit, providing tools that weren’t available even five years ago. No matter what type of business a company does, small business owners would do well to set aside some of their budget for employee training — even if they are the only employee.

While much of the business world is being revolutionized, there are still core characteristics and skills that will continue to be useful.… Read the rest