Monthly Archive: March 2011

Recovery From Addiction


Drug rehab, is the medical or psycho-therapeutic treatment for dependency on addictive substances such as prescription drugs, alcohol, as well as illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. The overall objective is to help patients to stop their drug abuse in order to avoid the resultant social, legal, financial, psychological, and physical consequences that can be the end result of such abuse.

Many drug rehab centers attempt to get rid of psychological dependency by educating the patient on appropriate means of getting by in an environment free of drugs. Often, patients are encouraged, though not required, to avoid hanging out with companions that still abuse drugs or alcohol.… Read the rest

Hand Signals Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

It’s something of a mystery to others when they first start to notice the things that bikers do with their hands. Drivers can go their entire lifetime without ever seeing that secret hand signal that two-wheel riders share with each other. But like anything, once they notice it for the first time, and start to watch for it, it’s everywhere.

It’s also something visible in all the states, not only in the state of Florida. For bikers, knowing hand signals is a very important bit of knowledge, and there are always more to learn. It may not always keep one from having to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Florida has, but it certainly can cut down on risks.… Read the rest

How to Back up a Tractor Trailer

Backing up a tractor-trailer is no easy task. With the proper practice and know how, you can ease your fears about driving a big rig. Since the vehicle is such a large one, it is particularly important that you always remain very aware of your surroundings and the impact of the size of the truck you are driving. Backing up the truck is the most challenging part of driving a tractor trailer and even the most seasoned truck driver will admit to struggling every now and then.

Step 1
The first step is to decide where you want to back up and keep driving right on past the target area while keeping the destination on the driver’s side.… Read the rest