Monthly Archive: April 2013

Art and Culture in Tacoma Washington

Many people are making the choice to move to the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States. Questions are often asked as to why people are choosing the cities they are moving to in this area but there is never any reason to
answer complaints . Because quite simply no one ever has any complaints. The weather may be a bit rainy but in return the landscaping is lush and green. The political climate is for the most part either liberal or democratic. Most all the cities in the Northwest are very conscious of the environment, local farmers and businesses, overall health, and the arts.… Read the rest

Tacoma Star Hit by U Boat

Tacoma Star VirginiaThe Tacoma Star was a British steam merchant ship owned by Blue Star of London.  It was attacked by a U Boat (U-109) (Heinrich Bleichrodt) on 1 February 1942 on route from Buenos Aires – Liverpool.   The ship sank with 5107 tons of cargo.  There were 87 people on board and no survivors.  Prior to that on 4 May, 1941, the Tacoma Star sank in dock at Liverpool as result of an air raid, but was salvaged and repaired.

At 03.30 hours on 1 Feb, 1942, U-109 fired a spread of three torpedoes at the unescorted Tacoma Star (Master Robert George Whitehead) and hit her with two torpedoes and caused the ship to sink by the bow after four minutes about 500 miles east of Hampton Roads, Virginia.… Read the rest