Monthly Archive: May 2013

Tech Trends in 2013 and Beyond

2012 was a great year for technology, and may very well be remembered as the year that social media took hold with a vast majority of the population, as mobile apps exploded, Twitter enjoyed unprecedented success, Facebook continues to take off after its move to become a publicly traded company, and even Pinterest took hold as the social network for people in love with design and more.

But while 2012 was a banner year, what does 2013 hold for the tech industry, and where is it all headed? While by no means exhaustive, and certainly by no means done with the help of a crystal ball or fortune teller, here are a few tech trends that very well may take hold in 2013 as we develop more social media, mobile technology, and digital innovation.… Read the rest

What it Takes to Join a Pit Crew

Fans of auto racing have no doubt witnessed the importance of the racers’ pit crews. Depending on the type of race, a pit stop is where a vehicle stops at the pit lane for new tires, repairs, refueling, or mechanical adjustments. Sometimes a pit stop involves a combination of those or, in longer races, a change of drivers. Many DIY home mechanics tinkering with their gmc manual dream about becoming a member of a racing pit crew, but only a handful of professional mechanics are willing to face the challenges and risks involved in this high profile career.

carIn addition to basic training and certification in automotive repair , pit crew mechanics need to have specialized training in high performance vehicles and specific car models.… Read the rest