Tech Trends in 2013 and Beyond

2012 was a great year for technology, and may very well be remembered as the year that social media took hold with a vast majority of the population, as mobile apps exploded, Twitter enjoyed unprecedented success, Facebook continues to take off after its move to become a publicly traded company, and even Pinterest took hold as the social network for people in love with design and more.

But while 2012 was a banner year, what does 2013 hold for the tech industry, and where is it all headed? While by no means exhaustive, and certainly by no means done with the help of a crystal ball or fortune teller, here are a few tech trends that very well may take hold in 2013 as we develop more social media, mobile technology, and digital innovation.

Niche Social Networks Will Rule The Day

Facebook and Twitter, and to a certain extent LinkedIn, have cornered the market when it comes to massive social networks and large appeal social spaces for millions upon millions of people. But what about a social network designed for people who like pugs, and want to share information about their pugs with other like-minded people and pug owners?

While the major social network market is now crowded and controlled, there is space in the social network game to see mini social networks that are devoted to specific niches of the population. Much like online forums and chat rooms of the 1990s, these social networks will connect people with very specific interests who are looking for very specific things and content, as opposed to the catch-all system that Facebook and others have become.

Will We See A Social Network Revolt?

Digital technology may be here to stay, but more and more people are giving it up as they seek to connect with other humans in real life, as opposed to online and in artificial circumstances. Sure, we may not see millions upon millions of people toss out their smart phones in favor of seeking out people in real life, but more people are understanding the value inherent with connecting in person among their friends and family, as opposed to in social spaces online.

Call it a hipster trend now, but don’t be surprised when droves of people cut out their Facebook accounts, and start to make more intentional connections with friends and family in person, rather than online.

mobile devicesWhat Will Devices Do?

Will devices keep getting smaller, or larger? The iPad mini has obviously developed and taken the space between a tablet and a cell phone, but what’s next — sleeker and thinner devices that perform well, or larger devices that can do more and are more heavy duty for power users?

It all comes down to user experience, and for thousands of individuals and hundreds of tech companies, it will all depend on who can make the very best user experience and the highest quality device for the cheapest price, regardless of the size of the device or its capabilities regarding aesthetics.

Heather Boone is a tech  blogger and web journalist who covers the internet and how technology affects education and society. Her work can be found on blogs like the one on this site.


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  1. Margaret

    While it’s impossible to know what the future holds, I would predict that technology is here to stay. There is too much speed and convenience associated with social media and smart phones. Even if some people give it up for awhile, they are many more still using them.


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