Monthly Archive: August 2013

New York State Attacks Tribal Rights

Native American tribes have to overcome significant difficulties in order to build successful businesses. When those businesses are threatened by state regulators and legislatures, it becomes a matter of tribal sovereignty.  Over the centuries, whenever a state has tried to interfere with the operation of tribal businesses, the courts and federal government have upheld tribal sovereignty, effectively ruling that states have no right to meddle in businesses operated by federally-recognized tribes.

NY stateThis month another state has attempted to stop tribes from conducting business.  The state involved is New York (  and the industry under attack is personal short-term loans. … Read the rest

Michelin Makes For The Win

Or, at least according to the results from Sebring.  On March 16th the last season of American Le Mans kicked off, and things are looking like they are off to a great start.  Team Audi took their 11th victory at the 12 Hours of Sebring using an exceptionally cool R18, and Corvette Racing had quite a thrill, with a drop to seventh and an amazing comeback for the win in the GT class.

team AudiAnd, for both teams, there seems to be a common theme: they were running Michelin tires.  Every part of a race car, especially the cutting edge machines on the track at ALMS events, is essential, but one of the most important, and most often forgotten about, is tires. … Read the rest