Opioid Addiction the scourge of our times… Is there hope?

It is difficult to turn on the news or visit any online property which delivers news without finding new and disturbing information about the opioid epidemic plaguing our society.  The truly discouraging issue here is that this lethal epidemic started in our own doctor’s offices and because of big Pharma’s desire for profit.  It seems hard to believe now that the pharma companies did not know how addictive and dangerous these drugs were when they pushed them on the medical industry who were compliant in believing that the drugs were not addicted.   This epidemic is reaching all walks of society and nobody is untouched by it.  Due to the fact that anybody can be prescribed opioids for pain it has reached all levels of society and many find they are addicted when its already too late.  Opioid addiction is the Aids of the 2000’s and there are moves to treat this epidemic with drugs. This article from Drug Rehab Comparison gives excellent detail on the problem http://www.drugrehabcomparison.com/research/heroin-epidemic-suburban-legend/.


Drugs have been developed to address the opioid addiction and this article on the use of the drug narcan in Massachusetts from Vice TV shows there is hope and the number of lives being saved from Overdose is extremely encouraging.

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