How Digital Media Revolutionizes Car Repair

Back in the old days (more than 15 years ago), the only way to attract more customers to a vehicle repair shop was through traditional advertisement, or “word of mouth” customer recommendations. The shop could pay a lot for the former, but had no control over the latter. Today, the digital revolution is changing the way everyone does business — from how customers find and support their favorite mechanics to how DIY enthusiasts perform vehicle maintenance.

For Shops

Digital media, including social media, offers a chance to engage, inform, and attract customers, all for little time or cash investment, if it is done properly.… Read the rest

April is National Car Care Month

After the rough winter most drivers experienced around the country, April is the perfect month to give our car’s a little TLC. How convenient, then, that April is National Car Care Month, reminding us to keep our vehicle in top condition.

The Car Car Council, a non-profit organization helping motorists “Be Car Aware,” believes that a few simple steps can keep our cars running smoothly and safely, even after brutal winter conditions.  The Council’s Executive Director, Rich White, says “Since most Americans rely on their vehicles nearly every day to get to work, school and everywhere in between, taking a little time for car care now can save headaches and money in the long run.”

Consumer education is the focus of Car Care Month and of the Car Care Council’s ongoing “Be Car Aware” campaign. … Read the rest