Growth of the US Storage Industry

As a nation of consumers it is surprising how much stuff Americans hold on to. Rather than disposing of things, we shove them in boxes, hide them in closets, basements, and attics, or, if all else fails, rent an offsite storage unit.  While most people use a storage unit in the case of a major change such as marriage, death, divorce, or crisis, some people just need a place to stash extra stuff. As the nation has prospered and refused to dispose of things we hold valuable, an entire industry has grown to support it.  In fact, the storage industry in the US is one of the fastest growing facets of the economy.… Read the rest

Impact of the Sony Hack

You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard about the recent hack of Sony Pictures servers.  Hackers were able to access, copy, and release private emails, photos, film scripts, and other documents.  Many people have focused on the embarrassment caused to the company or the loss of revenue as content is leaked online and other projects halted or suspended.  Ultimately the impact of this hack will be felt for years to come.

Financial Impact

The most obvious financial loss is associated with the release of the movie “The Interview.” Originally slated for wide scale release on Christmas Day, the movie was pulled when theater chains refused to show it under threat of terrorism. … Read the rest

Small Businesses Should Invest in Training

This new century seems to be turning into the age of the small business. More and more people are catching the entrepreneurial spirit and forging out on their own, or in small partnerships, to follow dreams of new services, products, and even ground-breaking business models. The internet is fueling much of this spirit, providing tools that weren’t available even five years ago. No matter what type of business a company does, small business owners would do well to set aside some of their budget for employee training — even if they are the only employee.

While much of the business world is being revolutionized, there are still core characteristics and skills that will continue to be useful.… Read the rest