Washington Voters Defeat GMO Labeling

Voters in Washington recently had the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative that would have required food labels indicate the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The initiative failed, with approximately 55% of voters saying “no” on the ballot.

gmo labelingWashington is the second state in recent years to vote on GMO-labeling.  Last year voters in California also defeated a ballot initiative.  Food advocacy groups are working on similar ballot measures in another 23 states, including Oregon which should vote on the question in 2014.

In the US, close to 70% of all food products contain GMO ingredients.  Common foods like wheat, corn, sugar beets, and soybeans are almost 100% GMO. … Read the rest

10 Most Common Allergies

An allergy or allergies have somewhat been a generic term, used in many different ways to associate adverse reactions, like sneezing, itching, swelling, or difficulty in breathing, to a certain substance or substances. It has thus been a somewhat accepted formula that a reaction triggered by the exposure to a certain substance will instantly equate that the person is allergic or has allergies. But there is a lot more to allergies than that. Being aware of which substances one is allergic to and knowing which treatments are available for each type of allergy will help relieve the symptoms triggered by the allergic reaction.… Read the rest

Recovery From Addiction


Drug rehab, is the medical or psycho-therapeutic treatment for dependency on addictive substances such as prescription drugs, alcohol, as well as illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. The overall objective is to help patients to stop their drug abuse in order to avoid the resultant social, legal, financial, psychological, and physical consequences that can be the end result of such abuse.

Many drug rehab centers attempt to get rid of psychological dependency by educating the patient on appropriate means of getting by in an environment free of drugs. Often, patients are encouraged, though not required, to avoid hanging out with companions that still abuse drugs or alcohol.… Read the rest