Backyard Pool and Playgorund Safety

The coming of spring and summer means more and more kids will be flocking to parks, playgrounds, and backyards to take advantage of warm weather and longer days. They will congregate in whatever neighborhood yards offer the most options for fun and engage in a variety of outdoor activities each designed to be more fun the previous one. The last thing on their mind will be the relative safety of their activities. It is up to their parents to set and enforce safety guidelines for backyard play.

It may seem over protective to worry about kids playing in yards. Everyone expects bumps and bruises, scraps and cuts to happen in the course of outdoor fun.… Read the rest

How to Reduce Flood Damage

The images coming to television and computer screens of the recent Mississippi River flooding have been harrowing. Many people are feeling gratitude that they don’t live in flood plains and are therefore safe from such disasters. What they may not realize is that they are still at risk of smaller scale flooding. This may be caused by broken pipes or leaving the water running in the bathtub or kitchen sink. In some areas, heavy rainfalls can cause minor flooding in low lying areas or basements.

There are steps that homeowners can take to reduce the damage caused by these types of floods.… Read the rest

Moving is Easier with a Checklist

When faced with a major move, most people feel overwhelmed. Since change is a major source of stress , it’s no wonder that moving, which is the combination of a whole host of changes all at once, is one of the most stressful events in life. One way to reduce this stress is to make a checklist to organize the process. There are plenty of checklists available online that can be taken in whole or modified to suit individual needs. All will cover certain areas.

Assuming that arrangements have already been made to secure a home in the new location and to dispose of the existing home, this checklist should be about the move itself, and not about property or jobs.… Read the rest

Alternatives to Selling

There are many different reasons that lead people to move out of their homes; relocating for a job, outgrowing the current home, looking for a better neighborhood. However with the housing industry struggling it has maintained its status as a buyers market, making it very difficult to sell.

Another option for those who are adamant, or required, to move is renting. Turning a house into a rental property can be the perfect solution for a house that won’t sell. If the house is ready to sell, there is typically not much work that needs to be done to get it ready to rent .… Read the rest