The Costs of Hosting the World Cup

People from all around the world are uniting over the soccer matches taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil right now. Crowds erupted when Chile beat Spain just days ago. Maracana Stadium thundered with tens of thousands of people, and it thunders still today. And people from all over, from Europe to Latin America to Africa, have come together to celebrate the sport of soccer. People from Rio de Janeiro and all over Brazil are proud of their city and country, and grateful to be in the international spotlight. That being said, there were and continue to be some hefty costs associated with hosting the World Cup.… Read the rest

New York State Attacks Tribal Rights

Native American tribes have to overcome significant difficulties in order to build successful businesses. When those businesses are threatened by state regulators and legislatures, it becomes a matter of tribal sovereignty.  Over the centuries, whenever a state has tried to interfere with the operation of tribal businesses, the courts and federal government have upheld tribal sovereignty, effectively ruling that states have no right to meddle in businesses operated by federally-recognized tribes.

NY stateThis month another state has attempted to stop tribes from conducting business.  The state involved is New York (  and the industry under attack is personal short-term loans. … Read the rest

Achieve Financial Health in Today’s Economy

investmentsIn the aftermath of the recent recession, many families are struggling to deal with one or more financial stressors, many can barely keep their heads above water. The idea of finding dry land again and achieving some level of financial health is a pipe dream.

One thing the recession has proved is that there is a way out. It is likely to be a slow and, at times, painful process, but just as various industries have started to recover, many individuals and households are slowly making their way out of debt, unemployment and foreclosure to find financial stability.

Steps to Financial Health

#1 – Identify Financial Goals

People need to sit down and decide what they want to accomplish with their money. … Read the rest

Mortgages and the Stock Market

You probably have heard a lot about the stock exchange – a place where brokers trade various securities including bonds and stocks. Its also where securities are issued and redeemed. Other items traded on the stock exchange along with stocks include derivatives and unit trusts. To trade on an individual stock exchange you are required to be a member. What many people don’t know is that mortgages play a part in stocks and bonds.

There are two types of offerings to investors – stocks and bonds on the primary market (usually the initial offering) and the secondary market. The economic function of supply and demand is at work here.… Read the rest

Get a Good Deal on Tires

Shopping for tires can be an exhausting process. If you don’t care about saving money and just want to get a good set of tires with the least fuss, all you need to do is head to a local dealer and see what they have in terms of tires for sale . Pick the best tires you can afford and you’re done.

If you’re one of those people who wants, or needs, to save money whenever you can, then its going to take a little more work. You’ll want to start by identifying what size and type of tires you need for your vehicle.… Read the rest