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Civic Responsibility Starts With Understanding the Structure of Government

Every four years the US has the opportunity to overthrow the government by electing a new President. Every two years they can do so by electing all new members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.  In each case, an entire branch of of government can change hands, but, thanks to the framers of the Constitution, the government will remain stable.

This is only possible because of the division of the US government into three separate branches.  A citizen who wants to affect change or simply to participate fully in the electoral process, needs to understand this fundamental concept of separation of powers to grasp how the government functions.… Read the rest

Washington Voters Defeat GMO Labeling

Voters in Washington recently had the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative that would have required food labels indicate the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The initiative failed, with approximately 55% of voters saying “no” on the ballot.

gmo labelingWashington is the second state in recent years to vote on GMO-labeling.  Last year voters in California also defeated a ballot initiative.  Food advocacy groups are working on similar ballot measures in another 23 states, including Oregon which should vote on the question in 2014.

In the US, close to 70% of all food products contain GMO ingredients.  Common foods like wheat, corn, sugar beets, and soybeans are almost 100% GMO. … Read the rest

New York State Attacks Tribal Rights

Native American tribes have to overcome significant difficulties in order to build successful businesses. When those businesses are threatened by state regulators and legislatures, it becomes a matter of tribal sovereignty.  Over the centuries, whenever a state has tried to interfere with the operation of tribal businesses, the courts and federal government have upheld tribal sovereignty, effectively ruling that states have no right to meddle in businesses operated by federally-recognized tribes.

NY stateThis month another state has attempted to stop tribes from conducting business.  The state involved is New York (  and the industry under attack is personal short-term loans. … Read the rest

Michelin Makes For The Win

Or, at least according to the results from Sebring.  On March 16th the last season of American Le Mans kicked off, and things are looking like they are off to a great start.  Team Audi took their 11th victory at the 12 Hours of Sebring using an exceptionally cool R18, and Corvette Racing had quite a thrill, with a drop to seventh and an amazing comeback for the win in the GT class.

team AudiAnd, for both teams, there seems to be a common theme: they were running Michelin tires.  Every part of a race car, especially the cutting edge machines on the track at ALMS events, is essential, but one of the most important, and most often forgotten about, is tires. … Read the rest

Achieve Financial Health in Today’s Economy

investmentsIn the aftermath of the recent recession, many families are struggling to deal with one or more financial stressors, many can barely keep their heads above water. The idea of finding dry land again and achieving some level of financial health is a pipe dream.

One thing the recession has proved is that there is a way out. It is likely to be a slow and, at times, painful process, but just as various industries have started to recover, many individuals and households are slowly making their way out of debt, unemployment and foreclosure to find financial stability.

Steps to Financial Health

#1 – Identify Financial Goals

People need to sit down and decide what they want to accomplish with their money. … Read the rest

Tech Trends in 2013 and Beyond

2012 was a great year for technology, and may very well be remembered as the year that social media took hold with a vast majority of the population, as mobile apps exploded, Twitter enjoyed unprecedented success, Facebook continues to take off after its move to become a publicly traded company, and even Pinterest took hold as the social network for people in love with design and more.

But while 2012 was a banner year, what does 2013 hold for the tech industry, and where is it all headed? While by no means exhaustive, and certainly by no means done with the help of a crystal ball or fortune teller, here are a few tech trends that very well may take hold in 2013 as we develop more social media, mobile technology, and digital innovation.… Read the rest

What it Takes to Join a Pit Crew

Fans of auto racing have no doubt witnessed the importance of the racers’ pit crews. Depending on the type of race, a pit stop is where a vehicle stops at the pit lane for new tires, repairs, refueling, or mechanical adjustments. Sometimes a pit stop involves a combination of those or, in longer races, a change of drivers. Many DIY home mechanics tinkering with their gmc manual dream about becoming a member of a racing pit crew, but only a handful of professional mechanics are willing to face the challenges and risks involved in this high profile career.

carIn addition to basic training and certification in automotive repair , pit crew mechanics need to have specialized training in high performance vehicles and specific car models.… Read the rest

Art and Culture in Tacoma Washington

Many people are making the choice to move to the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States. Questions are often asked as to why people are choosing the cities they are moving to in this area but there is never any reason to
answer complaints . Because quite simply no one ever has any complaints. The weather may be a bit rainy but in return the landscaping is lush and green. The political climate is for the most part either liberal or democratic. Most all the cities in the Northwest are very conscious of the environment, local farmers and businesses, overall health, and the arts.… Read the rest

Tacoma Star Hit by U Boat

Tacoma Star VirginiaThe Tacoma Star was a British steam merchant ship owned by Blue Star of London.  It was attacked by a U Boat (U-109) (Heinrich Bleichrodt) on 1 February 1942 on route from Buenos Aires – Liverpool.   The ship sank with 5107 tons of cargo.  There were 87 people on board and no survivors.  Prior to that on 4 May, 1941, the Tacoma Star sank in dock at Liverpool as result of an air raid, but was salvaged and repaired.

At 03.30 hours on 1 Feb, 1942, U-109 fired a spread of three torpedoes at the unescorted Tacoma Star (Master Robert George Whitehead) and hit her with two torpedoes and caused the ship to sink by the bow after four minutes about 500 miles east of Hampton Roads, Virginia.… Read the rest

Backyard Pool and Playgorund Safety

The coming of spring and summer means more and more kids will be flocking to parks, playgrounds, and backyards to take advantage of warm weather and longer days. They will congregate in whatever neighborhood yards offer the most options for fun and engage in a variety of outdoor activities each designed to be more fun the previous one. The last thing on their mind will be the relative safety of their activities. It is up to their parents to set and enforce safety guidelines for backyard play.

It may seem over protective to worry about kids playing in yards. Everyone expects bumps and bruises, scraps and cuts to happen in the course of outdoor fun.… Read the rest