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Software on Surface

There’s no denying that more and more people now owns a tablet computer. In the last quarter of 2012, a survey found that the rate of tablet ownership rose seven percent from the previous quarter. The rate of people intending to buy a tablet computer also went up as 3 out of 4 online consumers who were surveyed said they expect to make the purchase in the future.

Among businesses, there is also a significant rise in the use of tablets over the last few years. Business usage has exceeded expectations, growing at a faster rate than consumer usage. Businesses are also pushing in the envelope in terms of how tablets are used.… Read the rest

The Green Flag is Dropping for Racing Season

Now that most of the winter and autumn months are out of the way, Americans can get back to one of the most popular national pass times: auto racing.  Between NHRA, NASCAR, and American Le Mans, there are plenty of great upcoming events, awesome teams, and some exceptionally skilled drivers, both old and new, like Dale Jr. and Kyle Busch.  Here is a look at some of the big stuff for this year:

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), started this year earlier in February at Pomona Speedway, with events in all classes.  It’s looking like a really interesting start to the year, too. … Read the rest

Pursuing Business Insurance Claims after Hurricane Sandy

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit parts of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States with devastating force. It began as a tropical wave in the western part of the Caribbean Sea but it quickly gained strength and became a tropical storm 6 hours later. It moved through Greater Antilles and portions of the Caribbean region, intensifying and weakening briefly and then re-strengthening once again as it neared Atlantic City, New Jersey with hurricane-force winds.

Hurricane Sandy was classified as a Category 2 storm. Even before it reached its peak intensity, it became the largest recorded Atlantic hurricane. It swept through 24 states, affecting the whole eastern seaboard.  … Read the rest

10 Most Common Allergies

An allergy or allergies have somewhat been a generic term, used in many different ways to associate adverse reactions, like sneezing, itching, swelling, or difficulty in breathing, to a certain substance or substances. It has thus been a somewhat accepted formula that a reaction triggered by the exposure to a certain substance will instantly equate that the person is allergic or has allergies. But there is a lot more to allergies than that. Being aware of which substances one is allergic to and knowing which treatments are available for each type of allergy will help relieve the symptoms triggered by the allergic reaction.… Read the rest

Phuket, Sumatra Hit By Quake

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Residents of Phuket and Sumatra got shaken up a bit yesterday when the area was hit by two earthquakes. One of was believed to have hit in the center of the island of Phuket, while the other hit of the coast of Sumatra. A report from Today Online indicates that the damage seems to be minimal; however people in lower areas are being evacuated in case of tidal waves . Although it can be a bit unnerving it shouldn’t interfere with travel plans or those that have a hotel in Phuket booked but it’s always a good idea to contact your travel agent to make sure.… Read the rest

Tips for Driving in the Rain

For the first-time visitor to the Pacific Northwest, it’s common to worry about driving in the rain. It’s perfectly natural to worry, as there are always large numbers of accidents every year where rain plays a factor. The most hardened locals, however, will insist that this has everything to do with the driver. They don’t have experience, and make the wrong prediction at the wrong moment. While Tacoma has its share of road hazards, it’s also one of the nicer cities for learning the ins and outs of driving in the rain .

For one thing, there is a friendliness here that is particular to the area.… Read the rest

Mortgages and the Stock Market

You probably have heard a lot about the stock exchange – a place where brokers trade various securities including bonds and stocks. Its also where securities are issued and redeemed. Other items traded on the stock exchange along with stocks include derivatives and unit trusts. To trade on an individual stock exchange you are required to be a member. What many people don’t know is that mortgages play a part in stocks and bonds.

There are two types of offerings to investors – stocks and bonds on the primary market (usually the initial offering) and the secondary market. The economic function of supply and demand is at work here.… Read the rest

How to Reduce Flood Damage

The images coming to television and computer screens of the recent Mississippi River flooding have been harrowing. Many people are feeling gratitude that they don’t live in flood plains and are therefore safe from such disasters. What they may not realize is that they are still at risk of smaller scale flooding. This may be caused by broken pipes or leaving the water running in the bathtub or kitchen sink. In some areas, heavy rainfalls can cause minor flooding in low lying areas or basements.

There are steps that homeowners can take to reduce the damage caused by these types of floods.… Read the rest

Even Blogs can Benefit from Marketing

A decade ago few people had heard the word blog and now many people rely on them for news, information, and opinions. Many major newspapers and television news shows offer blogs in addition to their traditional media and celebrities and experts in most fields have also taken to the blogosphere .

Whether you have a company blog or are stepping out as a freelance consultant and using your blog to establish authority and credibility, you need to put some thought into how to market that blog. After all, without anyone finding and reading it, you might as well be printing the blog in invisible ink.… Read the rest

Get a Good Deal on Tires

Shopping for tires can be an exhausting process. If you don’t care about saving money and just want to get a good set of tires with the least fuss, all you need to do is head to a local dealer and see what they have in terms of tires for sale . Pick the best tires you can afford and you’re done.

If you’re one of those people who wants, or needs, to save money whenever you can, then its going to take a little more work. You’ll want to start by identifying what size and type of tires you need for your vehicle.… Read the rest